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About Owen. Co Studios

Hello! Welcome to Owen.Co's Official Patreon page!

Owen. Co is a small indie film company, that is trying to grow, and make amazing films for people to enjoy! A lot of projects are in the works, as you are reading this. Someone in the crew is planning some short film, show, or movie I'm sure! Scripts are being written, cameras are rolling, and we are ready to go. But sadly making films is definitely not cheap, and requires a lot of cash. Some of it, we have covered, but some of it we don't. And that's where you guys come along! With your awesome donations, you will be helping Owen. Co be the very best it can be! All of the money donated to this page will go directly towards Owen.Co. Equipment, Software, The Crew, you name it! Everything donated will go towards things that will farther the production of movies, and help us get them out faster! 

So donate today, if you are interested in helping this idea of a small film company become a reality! Thank you, from the Owen. Co Team! 
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