is creating Music, Art, Sculpture, Illustration and Video.
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About Owlchemist

For years I've been eager to maximize my creative potential, but burdened by the financial stresses of day to day life.
Lately I've been spending money from my own pocket to try and make high-quality art. What i've learned, is that its hard to make high quality productions while working within a limited budget of expendable cash.
I know there is demand for my art, and what I would really like is to have the time and freedom to provide this art to my supporters. This could be in the form of; Music, Video's, Metal Art, Wood Art, Paintings, Drawings, Live Concerts, New Merchandise, and any new type of crazy artistic endeavour that comes across my path in the near future. 
You could be supporting me in applying for an artist residency, to go learn new techniques, and be inspired by new landscapes in any random country in the world! There is no ceiling on the supporting walls of creative potential. I would love for YOU to be with me on this crazy roller-coaster through artistic expression.

**Note, Funds for the Tiers are in US dollars!**
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Finally fulfilling my dream of recording an acoustic album.

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