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  • You get thanked in the credits of every game we release (except for ones we've already released)
  • Access to screenshots of bugs
  • Access to early development screenshots
  • Early access to videos of in-development games
  • Previews of upcoming artwork
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Cool Bean
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See behind-the-scenes content such as:

  • Videos of bugs that occur! There's a lot of them!
  • Plus all previous rewards
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  • 1 Day early access to all screenshots & videos
  • Access to play all our in-development games via Discord including: Roll+Heart & Arty Swirly Colourful
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About Owl Sanctuary Studios

Owl Sanctuary Studios is a small indie game development studio based in Brisbane, Australia. And we love what we do.

We recently released our first title Roll+Heart onto PC storefronts!

We're currently working on a variety of projects including: 
 - Roll+Heart ongoing support
 - Roll+Heart for Nintendo Switch with visual upgrades
 - Arty Swirly Colourful early access PC release
 - Several projects in prototype, research and funding stages

It's all the result of a lot of hard work, problem-solving, trying new ideas, scrapping things that didn't work, and a lot of love. We're so excited to share news about these games, and we love to share updates, WIPs, sketches, and behind the scenes content.

We want to make it possible for people to support our game development in other ways, while being able to express our thanks. So we've created this Patreon!

Developing games, like any other kind of job, requires money, and as an indie studio that's doubly true. With your pledge we can keep doing what we love, and achieve games of a high quality, and you get to receive exclusive content such as access to livestreams, early previews, behind-the-scenes content, and much more!

So, for your interest, support, and time:

$12 of $50 per month
This will allow us to pay the basic monthly bills for the Studio.  Things like our Website, Emails and Software Tools
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