is creating video essays on ghouls, ghosts, and the Mountain Goats!

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The reward of the previous tier, as well as a thank you in my videos! I'd also love to host community streams of the various Mountain Goats EP's and other releases that I won't be able to cover on my channel, and with this tier you'd be able to participate in those. 
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I will do a hot take video every few weeks, and with this level you will be able to submit you Mountain Goats hot take, and I will personally rip it apart/praise it in said video. Also, all of the previous rewards in previous tiers. 

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Hey, I'm Owen, I'm your new nonbinary mentally ill buddy, and I'm producing video essays based around the Mountain Goats discography. They will be extensive retrospectives focusing on various lyrical themes found in the different albums. I will do all sixteen albums, with random videos focusing on different thematic aspects or characters John writes about. 

I also plan to do videos on topics on different podcasts (The Adventure Zone especially), video games (like Night in the Woods and Animal Crossing), random supernatural phenomena such as ghosts and ghouls and monsters, and on other musical artists focusing on LGBT musicians such as Julien Baker or Laura Jane Grace. 

I also will be uploading covers and music sometimes too, and hey whatever else I can fit onto the channel. I am also working on several different podcasts, one of them being a Mountain Goats podcast with my friend Andy. 

I recently had to quit my job due to a mental breakdown, and I also had to drop out of film school. I am practically begging for help of any kind, because 1) nobody's hiring me and 2) I have no family to support me. 

I'm trying my best! 

Thank ya. 
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I can now make rent! In celebration I will do an extra video on Hail and Farwell, Gothenburg, the scrapped Mountain Goats album, and also any other songs that feature into the Sweden song cycle (Duke Ellington and Sir Arne's Treasure soundtrack). 
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