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We feel that the world's energy data sets are one of the most important, empowering things you can visualize -- and should be available to everyone.  The powerful, life-changing insights available as the result of seeing this data is as fascinating as it is inspiring and compelled us to take the steps we need in order to make it happen.  We began to address this vision by tackling the oil & gas industry and set out to create a mobile application for phones, tablets and desktops that give you unprecedented access to this data.

We've reached a point where it's usable and now seek to invite you to join the rest of us on our journey to fully realize the dream.  We're grateful that you've come to our Patreon page and hope that you share our interest in supporting the effort being put forward to bring OYLY in to your hands.  Thank you!

Why support us? Supporting OYLY on Patreon will allow us to refresh our current data sets, add more of them, broaden our device testing plan, support more users and work directly with you to add more features to the application.  This would be a huge help to make more frequent updates and free up some of our time to do important things like trying to be good dads! :)

How to support us? Select a patron option and subscribe to our feed here to begin receiving updates and interacting with us about what you'd like to see in the application.  We also offer you access to various builds of OYLY so that you can help test or just use what's already there for your own needs.

Go further? If you'd like to go above and beyond to help us get things done faster/bigger/better you can pick any of the larger support levels which would certainly help do these things!

We believe it goes without saying that we would greatly appreciate your financial support. We'll say it anyways though. Thank you. We greatly appreciate it. The Patreon model has us place rewards here to entice you to donate, but if we're both honest... you're here because you understand what we're trying to do with OYLY, and you think the thousands of hours spent is worth it! You "get it". You're a fellow thinker and doer.

Warm Regards,

The OYLY Team

- Thank you so much for stopping by, every little bit is appreciated!
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Faster Servers
OYLY is resource intensive and contains information on millions of oil wells.  Hitting this goal will allow us to beef up our servers to serve the information faster to your screen.
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