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About Ozzie Reviews

I receive numerous messages every single day from people asking for my advice and help. The reality of this has been that my farm work and contract shooting suffer because I am spending hours helping people with their questions instead of earning money.

To minimise the questions, I have filmed a number of beginner series videos discussing things to consider when buying a rifle or a scope and even the differences in ammunition types. I have also explained in seperate videos how to get a category d licence for feral pest control and how to get a collectors licence for all the categories.

I have now decided to stop doing contract shooting work and put more time into the farm and the reviews.

The result of this is that there are still bills to pay and as much as I'd like to spend hours helping people for free, I simply cannot. So please understand where I am coming from here...

If my videos do not answer your questions and you still want to ask me for help, you still can but it is only available to Patreon supporters.

What is Patreon? It is simply a donation system where you can pledge a monthly amount being either $1 $5 $10 $50 or $100. So in other words if you have a question, all you need to do is support me from just $1 per month and I will answer your questions either privately or every month in my Q&A video series.

Whilst there will always be uneducated people who criticise this I'd like to explain a few things for you to consider:

(1) I do not get paid by companies to do reviews, hence you don't see company logos on my videos. It keeps me independent and you know when I review a product it is EXACTLY how it performs for me at the time.

(2) I have spent over $100 000 of my own money since starting the channel in purchasing firearms, optics, ammunition and other equipment to bring these reviews to you completely free.

(3) What started out as just a review here and there has turned into a weekly demand for new content.

(4) The idea behind the channel is to represent shooters in a positive light and attract more people into the sport and hobby. I would like to continue to do this.

(5) I get a combination of purchased equipment and loan equipment to review, however I still need to pay for PTAs, drive to and from dealers all at my own expense as I am not a dealer. Some items are simply not available for loan and I have to purchase them because viewers want to see a review. I do re-sell some equipment to fund new reviews.

(6) If you are a plumber for example, would you spend every day offering free advice and 'how to' help for people with plumbing issues or would you need to earn something for your time?

(7) I am not trying to get rich hence why I sell my merchandise to break even and at most times under cost to get the name out there. I do not expect to get rich from doing reviews but I need help to continue going and remain independent.

(8) A lot of people subscribe to magazines or other shooting content, I am offering a completely free channel for your enjoyment, but I am asking for help from followers for as little as $12 per year.

(9) If you have questions for me, please become a Patreon supporter as it is the only thing that keeps me afloat.
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