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About Project 40 Collective

Project 40 Collective came into existence mid-2015 with an Indiegogo campaign and strong community support, and we've been growing steadily since! At this point in time, we are nurturing our permanent programs through workshops, and profits from our e-commerce and vending activities. Our artist network has expanded across Toronto and toward Vancouver on the west coast as well.

We have funded 5 collaborative projects, supported over 30 emerging artists through various incubator programs over the last two years, and published more than 40 creatives in our biannual literary, visual arts magazine - LooseLeaf! We have thrown three magazine launch events, developed accessible and low-cost programming for emerging artists to develop their skills and build their network, and hosted four artist socials! 

We have bigger goals!
We would love to continue to expand our platform, develop more projects and partnerships, and move into a space we can work out of. We would also love to be able to offer our permanent staff a small yearly stipend, and masthead team a per-volume honorarium. We have a huge volunteer community, and we'd love to be able to give them compensation in some form for all the work they do! We would also love to develop our digital blogs and offer honorariums for guest writers and creators to feature, respond and engage with current issues, art practices, and community conversations!

This is why we are now on Patreon. 

Your support allowed us to begin a wonderful journey, and you have helped us build a vibrant community across Toronto and even across Canada! We truly appreciate every little contribution to our present and future plans. Stay in touch for all the exciting content we have in store for the year!

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