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We are currently in the process of creating a small series of videos, available on DVD that will be shipped to supporters. These will include basic SSE training as well as lessons. Your information will be saved and once these have been produced - to a quality standard - they will be shipped out.




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What is P412 SSE
P412 SSE  (Security, Survival & Evasion) is Christ centered survival and security training for missionaries and para-Church organizations serving in foreign and/or hostile countries. P412 has one mission: to train and equip Christian missionaries in routinely applied, sound security practices and survival and evasion skills in order to return home safely. P412 does not endorse martyrdom, but recognizes that survival is a biblical concept, a mandate from God. Security practices are essential to survival as these aid in preempting the need to initiate any evasion, during which survival skills play a vital role. SSE (Security, Survival, Evasion) skills are not merely a set of physical skills for self-defense or access control, armed guards or patrols; they are first and foremost knowledge in preparation.

Every year hundreds of thousands of Christian missionaries are tortured and murdered. This is the truth that many non-Christians refuse to believe. Non-Christians also refuse to believe that Christian missionaries have every right - the same right as every person on earth - to believe in the Truth and speak it openly. P412 SSE believes in freedom for all, or there is freedom for none. That freedom includes the freedom to live. P412 SSE provides free videos (see our YouTube channel) to future and present missionaries to help them remain secure, safe, and return home.

Why Support P412 SSE?
All we can do is ask for your help. Your donations go to alleviate the costs involved with producing the videos (time and money) as well as the expenses for on-site training at churches and missionary organizations (keeping the cost to those organizations low). P412 SSE is not currently a company (incorporation is pending), nor is it a 501c non-profit. We are a volunteer service and with your generosity we can reach more Christians, help spread the Gospel according to the Great Commission (Matt. 28.16-20; Acts 1.8), and provide quality training to missionaries. Every penny goes back to helping the Christian missions community.

What is in the Videos?
All videos cover SSE practices and techniques ranging from bush-craft to security applications. The videos are for preparation - knowledge - for serving God in foreign countries. The videos will also cover spiritual preparation (mini-sermons and lessons), information on equipment (reviews and opinions), threats and dangers in various countries, and testimonies (not advertising testimonies, but real-world accounts from missionaries). The more you can donate, the faster we can produce quality videos to those with a heart for serving God.

How Much Do I Donate?
Any support is appreciated. P412 SSE is the sole "employment" for our instructors. What you donate is up to you, God, and your own expenses. We thank you for all your support. We also need your prayers along with any monetary donation. So as you give out of your wallet, we ask more that you give out of prayer life and keep our mission close to your heart.

At present, we do not have much in the way of giving back. We are currently working on providing a free series of SSE videos that we will mail our sponsors as a thank you. This series will include basic SSE training on DVD that you can take with you as well as lessons (however, for quality purposes, this will take time and are not available at present, though when they become available they will be sent out to our supporters). Of course, any donators will be acknowledged in every video.

Who Provides the Training?
In other words, are the instructors qualified? Currently, P412 SSE is in its infancy. There is only one instructor. As such, Cal Wiggins is the Senior Ranger for P412 SSE. Ranger Wiggins is a military veteran with 15 years experience in survival and security from training in Security Forces (Military Police) and Combat Communications. Any additionally hired Rangers will also be qualified and experienced in survival and security practices, preferably with applicable military training.

Note: The title Ranger is not to be confused with the honorable Army designation (Army Ranger), nor the civil service title (Park Ranger), but is employed by SSE in a classical sense of those individuals who are accustomed to living and traveling (Ranging) far and wide in a particular area or domain of wilderness. P412 SSE Rangers are those who have knowledge and training to exist and survive in different environments throughout the world.

For information on hiring P412 SSE for on-site training, please see our website - www.p412.com - for prices and services.

P412 SSE does not condone, train, teach or preach a doctrine or theology of violence or malice to any person(s). Evasion is the preferred method, unless there is no other option available - you have a right to your own life.
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Better equipment means better quality for our videos. Thank you in advance.
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