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Many of you know my health has not been the best. You guys are the only thing that keeps me going some days.I thank each and every one of you for the support you have shown over the past 4 years!

I am gearing this Patreon towards medical bills and monthly prescriptions. Currently I do not have insurance and am frantically working on trying to figure out a way to fix this situation. 

You can visit us online at the links below!!

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You will get your own intro music into stream. Be classy and sassy and let everyone know you have arrived to the Code Red Stream!  You will also get access to a special Patreon discord channel!

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 This level gets you a special Visual chat command on Mixer just for you!  Your name will be on the soundboard! You can also get your own intro music for Code Blue streams as well!

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Labs, doctors and meds all that fun stuff for Mavadosey
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