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About Pacifico Band

The name Pacifico, like the ocean, seems to explain it all. We are hard to tame, furious and yet quiet and ready to please you in a silent beach, on a summer's evening.

We are becoming more ambitious, but this has less to do with the band name and more to do with the great reception we had on our first LP, “Pleamar”. We are looking forward, hopeful for the best, and working on things that'll lead us to foreign markets; luckily, we are working along with friends and collaborators, they have been incredibly helpful, as they inject their energy to the band's veins. So we can say most of our resources and focus are being spent on planning and propelling the dream of playing live and being heard overseas.

But the ambition doesn't end there. And when you add a strong sense of creativity, hyper productive guys and more than 40 songs waiting to be finished, you get to a point where you can't fool yourself anymore, you have to face the facts and get to work. Modern day warriors have weapons that just some years ago, we would've never thought possible.

There are amazing ways to relate to fans all over the world, and invite them to take a chance with us. So, this may be the way -they told us- to accomplish what we seek. We are standing in front of an all new and revealing tool that can can help us reach new milestones, all thanks to you.

May our next album be a collaborative, 21st century kind of record, and may it change our lives again. We want it to, we are ready.

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