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About Packed To Live

What is "Packed To Live"?
"Packed To Live" is all about teaching people how to survive in the great outdoors; be that for recreational camping, or to save your life when the power goes out.

Whether it be making fire (many different ways with many different tools), or how to make a survival shelter out of the materials around you, or even the essential tools you may want to consider (and, more importantly, why) to make the outdoor life easier... Packed To Live can help you.

Unlike most channels of this type, our focus is on answering your questions and teaching people the things they want to know.

Packed To Live does not focus on so-called "doomsday scenarios" like a lot of channels in this category. We focus on primitive survival techniques combined with simple tools (old and new alike) that are equally relevant both to "survivalists" in dire need, as well as recreational campers and bushcraftsmen.

Our Ethics:
Unlike a growing number of channels in this category, we do not and never will provide bogus positive product reviews in exchange for money or gear. We've been offered numerous times, and we've always said, emphatically, "no!" Channels which do this (and they know who they are) are misleading people into spending money on useless products under false pretense, which is something we at Packed To Live strongly feel undermines the entire premise of educating people, as well as the integrity of our genre as a whole.

While we do occasionally review gear, which has met or exceeded our expectations for its uses, we are not a gear review channel.

We at Packed To Live believe that knowledge should always be free, and will never force anybody to pay in order to learn as much as we can possibly teach them with the resources at our disposal.

Our "Survival and Preparedness" group:
As well as our YouTube channel, we also run and engage with a large (and growing) community of people who feel the need to plan and prepare for a vast array of potential "disasters" that could otherwise cause them to suffer.
These scenarios run the gambit from earthquakes and volcanoes, to hurricanes and tornadoes, to flooding, drought and economic hardship, to homeless, and even to surviving in the middle of a war zone.

This group is open to all, and can be found here (on Google+).

So, why should we support you on Patreon?
Up to now, Packed To Live has been solely funded by its founding member and main presenter, Simon.
Simon has invested a great deal of his personal income into obtaining the necessary camera equipment, a vast array of equipment for testing and discussing, access to land suitable for demonstrating various techniques (as well as the permission to exploit materials on those properties), and even the time it takes to produce, edit, upload and discuss the videos and topics with our viewers.

However, there is only so much money Simon alone can bring to this project, and so we are asking that those who wish to learn and both have the means to put some money in the kitty, as well as the desire to do so, contribute to our ongoing content.

100% of funds raised will be used to fund our video content!

We are not seeking to retire from our jobs and pursue this as a career... this is ultimately a hobby we choose to share with the world. We do, however, wish to have the resources necessary to spend more time creating content for the benefit of all viewers.
This makes sense as our channel's viewer base is growing rapidly, and there are a near-infinite number of topics we would love to cover in detail.

The money will be used to obtain relevant equipment, to gain the use of diverse land, to travel to various sites providing the kinds of environment necessary to demonstrate the topic, and for any insurance a landowner may require us to obtain before granting us access to their land.

Any excess funding will be transferred over to the next video, and in the highly unlikely event of "excessive over-funding", the excess will be donated to either a woodland conservation or outdoor children's education charity of our choosing.

So, if you enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do, and wish to learn how to safely and enjoyably make better use of your surroundings... please feel free to fund our educational video projects here on Patreon.

Thank you to all of our viewers, whether you choose to fund us or not.
$0 of $75 per month
Money raised toward this goal goes into a kitty for funding equipment purchases.

We only purchase equipment when it is necessary for a given video subject (we don't believe in frivolity, or recommending useless equipment to our viewers).

Equipment ranges from rucksacks (and other packs) to water filtration and purification, to outdoor cooking equipment, to specialized shelters and sleep systems, to outdoor woodcraft tools.
This budget will also go towards repairs should any items become damaged.

Any "excess" money in the kitty for this goal at the end of each month will be used to fund a viewer giveaway, where we give our viewers a chance to win a useful item of gear (usually appropriate to the "feature topic" for that month, when possible)

As per our policy of "total transparency", all equipment purchases/repairs/replacements funded (or part-funded) by our Patreon supporters will be clearly stated in our videos. We firmly believe that our supporters should know exactly where their money has gone and why.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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