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About PadlockTV

Hi! My name is Kameron aka The K.I.L.L.A… In my transition between college and the working world I have explored every aspect of life and come to realize true happiness comes from within and by doing what you love. Well, I love playing video games, designing/making videos and entertaining people through my work!

Thank you for supporting all my Social Media channels. As a small channel there isn't much return on the time I put into making videos and designing. Buying new equipment, starting a merch line and all the other things I want to do to increase our channels quality cost money that sometimes is out of my reach. All monthly subs or donations will help to make these things happen.
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With this much money I will be able to release our very first season of merch.

Merch will include: T-Shirts, hoodies, hats, posters and a lot more items!
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