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I do not write poems. They just unfold in front of me. Words appear on the page and I just love them, appreciate them and share them. The way the words fit together sometimes just feels soft and smooth, I feel them wrap around each other like dancers on a dark stage…

When I sit to write it is because something has caught me. It may be something as simple as sitting on a quiet morning, after the stillness of pre-dawn meditation/yoga practice. The quiet rustle of a leaf will throw a couple words at me. I often then have no choice but to sit down and tell its story – or rather relate the story it has just told me. I am inspired by creation in a way I cannot ever capture. 

Wisdom Whispers is the first attempt at a real complete book to share a related collection.  I feel close to finished but need artists and editors to assist me in collaborating the final product.  

Soo..if you want to support me in sharing some the pieces I have co-created with the inspirational powers that be and help me get my work out there, I would be grateful beyond!
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Hire a graphic artist to compile the 1st book.
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