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Page & Plate is a blog about cooking, reading, and managing life with my two cats who are uniquely neurotic creatures but, thankfully, cute enough that it doesn't matter. I started Page & Plate almost a year ago because:
  • I love to cook;
  • I love to read;
  • I love to write; and
  • I needed a place to channel all of that love into something that I could share with the world (or at least anyone who stumbles upon Page & Plate). 
So first of all: thank you for having enough interest to even end up reading this far. The coolest thing about Page & Plate so far is how many people I've connected with over food and books that I never would have before. You guys = the real MVPs. 

Second of all, I can't wait to share more recipes, book reviews, and cat photos with you. By being a part of Page & Plate on Patreon, you'll be able to access special discount codes for products I've used and loved, recipes that haven't gone live yet, and earn extra chances to win baked goods and books sent by snail mail (we call that Page & Plate Post, by the way).
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The minute I hit $250 a month, I start making videos that feature me answering your questions about reading, baking, how my cats are so cute, why I pay more than I should for olive oil, and anything else you as my patrons want to know.
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