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My name is Matt and I'm the owner of Jolly Roger Studio. On the daily basis me and my team creating gaming miniatures for players from all over the world. I'm paining miniatures for over a decade and last few years I send on developing small painters team.

Some time ago we decided to start sharing our knowledge about painting miniatures, so we created Paintcademy.
Now we want to expand our teaching ability and we believe Patreon is great tool for that purpose.

We want to focus on teaching you how to utilize airbrush in your hobby painting. There is a lot of sites teaching how to paint contest winning miniatures.
We would like to share techniques that balance between time efficiency and beautiful results. We believe airbrush oriented painting is just that. :)

What you'll get?

You can choose between early access to our regular content, exclusive articles and videos, involvement in learning community or even receiving painted miniatures.

Please remember that even if you don't want to support us financially you can always watch and read of free content. Any kind of feedback from you keeps us going. :)

$28 of $500 per month
We have great photo setup and with additional funds we'll be able to invest more into video creation. We would like to us it to show you as much details as possible.
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