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About Matthew J Palka

Hey, I'm Matthew Palka (or EverybodyPalka! you may have heard)
I make thought-provoking, educational related vlogs such as: What Does It Mean to Be Human?
But also goofy ones, such as: My Upside Down Howling Greyhound

First, I sincerely appreciate you being here. If you're reading this, you've taken your own time, energy, and eye-balls to read this sentence right now.

I have been interested in journaling leadership images since my involvement in career and technical student-led leadership organizations such as FCCLA, during middle school in 2007. These leadership image ideas began turning into Youtube videos in 2012 and the lessons from them are really close to me.

PalkaDots are short, educational thought vlogs that each teach a single idea in a creative, storytelling video approach. The aim of the lesson is to help you grasp an idea through a metaphor, and make the truth that the metaphor communicates about reality better palpable, connected, and understood.

This project aims to help you use creative metaphors to better understand complex and less concrete ideas that are fundamental to what we experience. They've very interconnected and useful in decision-making and understanding ourselves and the world around us. Past images I've discussed include: The Inverted U-Curve, The Nine-Dot Puzzle, The Central Self, The Tabula Rosa Canvas, The Caged Freedom Bird, and The Growth Mindset.

Why support this?

First, supporting will directly enable me to spread the value that I create to more people that are interested in it! This is a tremendous help to increase the time I have to dedicate to my creative pursuits using Patreon. It will lead to higher production value in the videos, projects you can collaborate on and grow, and a diverse assortment of content for you to value and enjoy. Second, the money you contribute will go directly into the fruition of this creative endeavor and not my only source of stable income. I'd love it to become that. Third, you'll be building a remarkable and small community HERE on my Patreon page to connect, create, and interact with any time you wish, around the content and value that I create. Think of it like a welcoming, community tent that grows in proportion to the people that bring value and contributions to it.

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I sincerely appreciate any amount of connection that you bring to this online space. Whether you simply discuss, share and follow along, or create even more with me at the highest contribution level, it's up to you. Please don't go pay and go beyond your own means! Even at $1, you'll receive early access to content to connect, discuss, and enjoy what I make. When you're signed up, you will be directly notified by your choice of Patreon feed or email every time I upload or create something and share it.

You're here because you are curious, interested, or want to understand and appreciate the value that I create. I aim to bring valuable ideas, knowledge, and perspective into your life in a form that hopefully you enjoy and look forward to appreciating, for however long you decide to stick around. You make this journey as possible and as remarkable as I do. Every person adds a thread to this small internet corner's tapestry. Thank you. 

Best wishes,

tl;dr - The Project is called PalkaDots.
- They're really funny, sincere, and interesting metaphors that teach fundamental and cool ideas you can apply creatively in what you do.
- You choose your contribution level perk to your own liking
- Reward perks accumulative the more you contribute
- Your donation is monthly
- The money goes into creating and expanding this project's value and the rewards to you.
- You make this possible, so THANK YOU to the millionth power! 

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