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About Pam D

Hi, I'm Pam and I make videos about video games on my YouTube channel - Cannot be Tamed. I try to offer a bit of a different perspective on all games from retro, to indie, to new AAA titles. I typically do one retro review per month, vlog about relevant topics in the gaming industry, and do review newer games when the mood strikes me. I've recently been interested in including a bit of history in my videos, covering the development process of some games. I post the occasional Let's Play, but my interest is really more in reviews, critique and commentary.

This Patreon account is really just a tip jar. I'm not looking to make videos a full time gig. However, I do put a lot of time and effort into both creating videos and interacting with commenters on my channel, so if you enjoy my videos and want to toss me a buck or two a month that would be awesome.
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