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is creating Illustrations, designs, and more!
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Smol Bean
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Thanks for the help! Any art goals that are not tier exclusive will be sent to you! 

Early Game Carry
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Thanks a bunch! In addition to what is listed above, you will also get: 

•Access to PSD/Clip Studio/Affinity files for study

•Full resolution PNGs of non-commission artwork

Big Floof
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Thanks a ton!! In addition to the rewards mentioned above, you will also get an occasional print of fanart or general artwork once I am able to send them out.




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About Marlon Jones

Sup guys, I'm Marlon! I'm a programmer, artist, and designer that likes to draw cool things! This will usually be simple illustrations, characters, logos, and more. 

Here on Patreon, you can connect with me easier and even get some exclusive stuff too like access to my PSDs for you to study and see how I work. 

If you wanna see some more on my work, look on Dribbble, GitHub, and Artstation with the username pancodemakes!

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