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Greetings and stuff! First, thank you for taking the time to look at and read over my page. That alone means a great deal to me. I am Alex, or "Panda" to a lot of my friends.

If you are here than you probably already know that I am an entertainer on Twitch, and you may be thinking about becoming a patron of my work. Before you do, allow me to tell you a bit about myself. For anyone interested in my streaming schedule it will be posted at the bottom as well as on my twitch channel.

First I want to explain what inspired me to make a Patreon to begin with. In 2012 I bought Dark Souls for the PS3. From this I began watching videos and streams of people playing the game because I wasn't good enough to do it on my own at first, and I fell in love with YouTube and Twitch as a community. From that I met several amazing people, including Kazamieras and Oroboro (I won't give out their real names.) From this I started a YouTube channel for video game playthroughs, game reviews, etc. Since I was little I have loved video games and have loved writing, which was partly inspired by video games as well. This eventually led to Twitch, as I found that is a better way to be able to communicate with fans and viewers.

So with all that being out of the way, I want to tell you a bit more about myself. After all, if you decide to pledge and become a patron you deserve to know who your money is going to, and get to know that person.

Some other things I greatly enjoy are animals, singing, and dancing (Though I'm not very good at dancing. At all. Laughably terrible, in fact). I am a single parent of a beautiful little girl. I even draw, though my daughter is better than I am and she is only five (I'm not a good artist).

All money earned will go solely to keeping me alive, bill payment, and bettering any content that I release. I will not buy mountains of porn, go clubbing, alcohol for parties, buy bitcoins... Well, you get the idea.

URLs for contact: (Livestreams, my main content) (YouTube)

Discord: Sleepypanda57#1197
Steam name: Sleepypanda57

My goal is to upload at least two videos a week on YouTube, and stream on Twitch 4-5 days. The videos will mostly be let's plays or highlights from my streaming on Twitch, but I also plan to post messages to patrons, updates, etc.

Tier 1: Free. YouTube videos. (All my videos that get uploaded onto my YouTube, and all Twitch livestream highlights that get exported.)

Tier 2: $1/month or more. (Everything else. Poems, stories, etc. This will also allow you access to my Discord server for the community I manage, though it is mostly geared towards being a gaming community.)

Livestream Schedule:

Sunday - TBD
Monday - TBD
Tuesday - TBD
Wednesday - TBD
Wednesday (Biweekly) - TBD
Thursday TBD
Friday TBD
Saturday TBD
Variable end time for biweekly Wednesday night.

All times are Eastern Time (U.S.) at -5:00 UTC.

Thursday and Friday night streams will not be super long, just a way to unwind after busy days with my daughter. Please keep in mind that I also won't always be able to stream those two nights.

Other things about me:
-- Off the internet I am incredibly shy. The confidant person y'all pledge to each month? I'm not like that off stream. I'm shy, nervous, and always worried about upsetting people. Not sure why, but I am.
-- If there is anything else, feel free to ask. I'm not easily offended, and I don't bite. Ask away!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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