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About Me!

As you can tell, the name is Pandalius (Panda works too)! To put it in a short form, I am a streamer and video creator centered around the vast medium of gaming. I mostly got started with Elder Scrolls Online back in the day, but I did start off a long time ago by another name. That had to be over 5 years ago, but now I go by this new facade. Streaming has always been more of a hobby to me and more about having fun so you guys could have fun too. To be honest, I was never very good at that (especially in my early days, holy moly was it bad), but it seems I have become less mental impaired over the years and people are finding this shtick amusing. Blows me away

Where are ye from?

America, and more specifically from the great state of Michigan. That's all I can tell you, well that I have lead in my water. 

What gam u ply?

Anything that can really hold over my attention is likely to be streamed at some point. It also may depend on my rig and if it can handle it. That shouldn't be much of an issue as I have a fairly decent setup that can handle most games now-a-days. I usually play games like Elder Scrolls Online, but I have played things like RimWorld, Skyrim, Overwatch, Crossout, and other things. It all depends how much I burn myself out on a game. 

Why start a Patreon? Want to me to get you a tin can?

To be honest, I started this due to request more than anything. I could stream for another 5 years happy as can be, but sometimes a community wants a nest too. That being said, this Patreon is very casual and should only be done with the very small intent on helping me when you want to. I stress that I am very honored for you to donate to me, but please only do this if you want to. I don't want to be a burden on you. However, thank you for everything. If anything, this will definitely help ignite some passion, to a degree. :^]

Where be your channel?

Right here, my chum~ Pandalius
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