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So, what is this Panda Nation thing? Hello, my name is Trent. I took the Myers Briggs test a while back and several times since. Each time it comes out with four specific letters, I-N-F-J. Meaning introvert, intuitive, feeling and judging. The more I studied and dug into Myers Briggs and personality profiles the more intrigued I became. I discovered one of the animal associations with INFJ’s is the panda. I felt it was fitting and went with it. I believe everyone has been created with intuition and a number of factors contribute to it’s cultivation and development. According to statistics, and INFJ male is .5% of the population making it the rarest among males and overall in the 16 personality types.
I am somewhat biased through my experience and feel at times it truly takes either an intuitive or fellow INFJ to understand another, but I digress.
Panda Nation is a conglomerate of a lot of things. I love to write. I am a believer in God and His Son Jesus, but feel I am a heretic to some in church for my beliefs which in my opinion contradict dead false religion. I also am fascinated by quantum mechanics, neurosciences, history, politics, sociology, psychology, spirituality, sports, family, economics, trends, patterns, physics, science, comics, art, etymology, philanthropy, charitable opportunities, life coaching, computers, electronics and the list goes on.
Panda Nation is like the slogan-mantra says, “A heart revolution one thought at a time.” That is my inert goal to get you and others to think outside the box and to inspire and provoke you to propagate the Panda Nation energy of benevolence, love revolution, innovate, intuition, family, community, expose, report, wake up others, speak up for defenseless and vulnerable and never give up.
I challenge you to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. If I offend you then ask yourself why? Don’t run away. Face your fears. Don’t be ignorant and pre-judgmental. I am direct and have learned there’s no time to waste. All I want is what is best for you, my family, the country and planet. I sincerely mean this. Study INFJ’s (if you want). This epitomizes the characteristics of one.
In addition, I don’t care what your four letters are. As long as your heart beats red blood then that’s what matters. Join me and become part of Panda Nation.

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