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About Pandonic

Pandonic means, “To honor life above all else.”

I believe that 90% of the worlds chaos is due to the inability to understand and accept oneself. In our darkest hours we cause the most harm. But what if we could have more stability? What if we didn’t always have to feel so dark?

The purpose of my work is to help people accept themselves completely. It is in this light that we will treat ourselves better, and therefore have the energy to treat others better.

Your entire reality is based upon that which you focus. Focus on the negativity and you will believe the world is getting worse. Focus on being grateful for what you have and you’ll smile more and be optimistic. We only have so many seconds of life on this planet. Do you want to be remembered for your laughter or your sorrow?

I believe in taking 100% responsibility for my own energy and emotions, and I will help anyone who wants the same for themselves. It is my intent to make the road of self-improvement, simple. Let us cradle this world into a loving paradigm, shall we?
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