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About Pandora Dana Jones

Who are you?
  • My name is Pandora, I graduated university with a Bachelor's in Theatre with a concentration in Costume Design! I have an extensive background in (and a love for) the arts and I couldn't see myself anywhere else! (Though not for lack of trying...)

What is this place?
  • You're on my Patreon Page! Welcome!

What are you doing here?
  • My goal is to provide a variety of entertaining, inspirational content as I grow as an artist! Follow me as I post about art block, getting better at whatever it is I do!

Why am I here?
  • To produce my project videos, every week I need to dream up a project, design it, estimate costs and materials, purchase those materials, build the project, shoot video along the way, and edit it. That's where you come in!
  • I want to show you how I make all kinds of things from the simple to the complex with a focus on design and originality. Anyone can make something! Together let's celebrate the spirit of building, creativity and inspiration.
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A solid craft budget will help me keep the ideas coming and content created! As much as I try to re-purpose reusable items and find cheaper solutions for my projects, I know I won't always be able to. Reaching this goal will be not only rewarding for the content I create but will also help give me, as a creator, the motivation to keep moving knowing you're waiting to for me!
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