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About Panels 'n' Pixels News

We're just a group of nerds with useless degrees and our dreams--to bring the action from the industry to your front door! We won't ask for much, but as we continue to grow, so will the type of content we can offer.

We know how saturated the market is with outlets reporting on comics and games, but we also want to make sure that we put the indie artists, writers, publishers and developers in a position to succeed also. After all, we're all in this together! So help us help you and them by funding us enough to bring them the attention they deserve: yours!

Furthermore, we promise never to display/promote ads/clickbait. Not only are those types of revenue a rabbit hole of despair from which there is no escape--more importantly, we want you to visit our site and support our dream because you enjoy our writing and you feel our content is worth at least one of your hard-earned dollar bills each month.

Take our hand... er, your mouse... and pledge your support to our cause! There is never a better time to climb aboard than when the elevator is on the ground floor! Up, up, and away!