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  • A discount code to my music single (three tracks) on Bandcamp is yours! I hope you 'll enjoy the music! :)
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About Pano Ponti

I am Pano Ponti, a Creative Media Artist located in Athens. I work on video, audio production and photography not only as an artist but as an educator too. I have already made a short documentary, a short film, a lot of web content, I have released a music single and shot many travel and product photos. You can check out most of them in my social media channels and my website:

Recently, I started a new project called "Made In". Made In will represent stories of people who don't have to work in office environments. Made In is a project for those people who love what they do! The two first episodes are uploaded, totally self-funded and you can watch them on Vimeo or Youtube.

I love documentaries and music but, unfortunately, both are so hard to get funds and that's why it is so hard to produce every single idea I have in mind. Besides, the lack of money, there is a lack of time as well. My day job duties keep me wasting time and energy in order to earn money and to invest them in new ideas. I think this is a very familiar situation for every anyone who targets to be an artist.

With your support, I could be more dedicated and contract people out to help me produce more videos, more photos and more music. With your support, I have the chance to become an independent Creative Media Artist. 

In exchange for your support, I could give you credits on my personal projects, special little gifts, and discount codes on my prints and music. As an exclusive Patreon content, I will post as often as it is possible educational posts (boards like post or lists) about audio, video, music and anything else I have studied or I am experienced about. I think that's the best way to make me questions and start communicating with each other!

Of course, you can directly contact me if you have any questions: [email protected] It will be my pleasure to respond. 

I am very happy to see you on my page and I hope you will enjoy the experiences I am trying to share! 

P.S.: Creation above all! :)
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That's a good start to push an independent creator to do more. Of course, we are still in the beginning but any little help counts! Thank you!
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