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Hi guys and gals,

I'm a freelance photographer loving everything related to Nature, expecially the beauty and the sensuality of a woman.

As many of you already knows, socials are tagging the body of a woman like a CRIME...and God knows how many times I was reported while showing just a piece of my Art. And you have to believe me how much this is frustrating...

So, I decided to migrate here on Patreon to take the full liberty of sharing my Art to whom will be loving it with ANY prejudice.
And I won't be limiting my role here in just posting images! I'll tell you the story behind of them, the make-of my photoshootings, my secrets, my tutorials and my workshops.

The more you'll be supporting my campaign here, the more you'll be feeding my Art and also learning the secrets behind of it!
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I can pay a qualified assistant making professional clips with makeof and backstage during my photoshootings. So, you know more how I'm doing my work!
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