Christa Paolucci

is creating a unique world with story-writing & illustration.
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About Christa Paolucci

Welcome to my Patreon!
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My name is Christa. I'm a Pacific Northwest artist who loves to create whimsical illustrations of plants & animals.

Since I was little, I have known I wanted to build a new world of my own: a world full of interesting places to explore, unique species to encounter, and flourishing ecosystems crafted from new ideas. Much of my inspiration is derived from my time spent in nature. I like to design creatures and focus on the smaller, often more overlooked characteristics of natural areas. My aim is to create artwork that instills feelings of openness with our environment and a curiosity about what could be inhabiting the hidden worlds around us.

Through Patreon, I will connect with you by gathering your feedback, answering your questions, sharing personal experiences, discussing projects, and providing you with unique art-based perks as a way to show gratitude for your support. You'll also get to see a lot of doodles that I don't post elsewhere! This is a community that will only continue to shift and grow as I gain new knowledge along the way.

You can also visit me at the following places!

🌰 EtsyInstagramFacebookDiscord 🌰

Pollinedrake Tales.

I'm working on a world-building project called Pollinedrake Tales. I will be sharing personal posts with Patrons about the process, including rough sketches, plant and creature design,  formatting, and many other details that go into crafting a new world. Pollinedrake Tales will be intended as a collection of art books that introduce people to the inspiration behind the world, the history, and the stories behind its inhabitants. The theme is heavily centered around environmental stewardship, earthly magic, community, and a bit of whimsy. This project is a series of adventures, relationships, and connections to be made over time.

Read an introduction to Pollinedrake Tales here, or..
come along if you're ready to join us in the forest!

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Your support will allow me to invest in monthly art courses to keep developing my creative skills. This will help me make Pollinedrake Tales and other projects more refined as I will be better equipped to illustrate all of my ideas! All Patrons will be sent a special mini print with a letter of thanks when this goal is met. 💛
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