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$1 - Social Media Greeting - For a dollar a month, Pete and I will each give you a humorous, one-time mention on the platform of your choice. (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Or Snapchat, if you’re into nudity.) This is great bang for your buck if your handle is something along the lines of @IHaveTenInches and you want to get the word out.  Please email [email protected] with your handle of choice.
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$1 - Stickers For Life - We will ship you five of our current stickers and, when we redesign them, you'll get those as well. You'll probably have to remind me to send the new ones when they come out. Four years of high school drug use has left my brain with holes you could drive one of those British double-decker buses through. It’s amazing I can remember my home address.
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$2 - Stickers For Life With A Handwritten Thank You - Exactly like the above, but you also get a handwritten thank you note. I promise you’ll enjoy this because I have the handwriting of a doctor or a serial killer. It's bad to the point the note would look more appropriate written in crayon with doodles of cats and stick figures with the words “MOM,” “DAD” and “ME” written above them in the margins.




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The Red Cross.
Papa's Basement.

All three of these organizations are ready, willing and able to take your money on a monthly basis. But what would you rather see your money do: Help 3d print prosthetic legs to let a child walk for the first time, or keeping your favorite podcaster in his twice-a-day Chipotle habit? The choice is as clear as the inoculations that you didn’t help pay for because you correctly chose to donate to Papa's Basement.
You're might be thinking to yourself, "What exactly will I get in return for a monthly donation?" This is where I’d like to remind you that we have done a free weekly show for close to a decade. Asking what you get from us takes bigger balls than asking the dad who paid for your braces and college tuition for the $3 you spotted him to pay the pizza guy's tip. But, like The Giving Tree, it looks like giving you free apples and shade isn't enough. So here's what you'll get if you take an axe to our metaphorical trunk.
$3 of $500 per month
This helps us buy equipment for home studio recordings, assist in travel needs, keep the website healthy and makes it easier to get more guests into the studio.
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