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About paperpaw

Hi !
Thank you for visiting my Patreon page and actually reading this text!

I'm Paperpaw and I'm an Illustrator from Germany. I just finished studying Communications Design, but since my heart always told me to draw, I thought now would be my chance to open this page and concentrate more on my career as an Illustrator.

My favorite materials are watercolors and ink, but I really want to try more in the future, especially digital stuff! There is so much I want to do! Regular comics about my fascinating life (lol), zines, merchandise like charms and enamel pins etc.
Unfortunately I can't just get those things for free, but with just a bit of your support they might become available for me!
Of course I'm not the only one receiving things here! I love giving gifts to people dear to me and in return for your support you'll get different stuff depending on your monthly donation ☆
(All physical rewards will be sent out every 2 months, to safe shipping costs)

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