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Papi Appreciation
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Every dollar helps and is super appreciated! Thank you so much!
Papi Trainer
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I’m all about “catching them all” IRL style so by becoming a Papi Trainer you’ll always be with me during my adventures by naming any ONE of my Pokemon in Pokemon GO. You'll also get a one time shout out during the end of my stream. (Will most likely be at the beginning of each month and will probably be in song or something.)
Papi Churro
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When I think of a Papi Churro I think of something that is sweet and kind and you're obviously both those things with sugar on top if you're willing to pledge this tier. You'll receive the previous rewards plus an entry each month to have your own Twitch and Discord emote for everyone to use.


*The emote slot on Twitch will be submitted through BTTV (Better Twitch TV).  




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About Versus

Thanks to those currently supporting me I get to wake up every morning and do what I love sharing each day with the best community I could ever ask for. While creating this Patreon page my goal was to come up with ways that I can reward those who want to further support my dream without taking away or splitting those who can't or are already supporting me through Twitch. I asked you, the community, for feedback and opinions to make sure this is about you as much as it is about me. I hope those who do choose to go the extra mile and decide to pledge find it worth knowing it helps me stay ahead of the costs of streaming and keeps the channel going. There's nothing else in this world I would rather do than hang out and stream for some of the most genuine, funny, and supportive group of papis and papettes I've ever met. <3
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I can use this money to buy the latest hotness to play on stream for all the fellow papis to enjoy. 69 is also a funny number. 
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