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About Hoodigenous

Parable of the Sun is an eclectic duo that blends together sounds of the past, present, and future to deliver a soul-quenching sonic experience. Our members include Keisha Soleil, singer-songwriter/ activist / poet / yogi, and B. Soleil, multi-instrumentalist/ singer-songwriter / author / activist

We met at a WATERFALL HOUSE tucked away in the New York Catskills. Upon being introduced to one another, we quickly realized that it was destiny. Not only did we share a name (Soleil),  but also a belief in the power of music to be a radical & healing force in the world.

There's only one catch, in order to be musical activists we'd need a few things more than talent---like, 
  • time and space to create
  • money
  • & the love and support of community  

Step One: A professionally recorded project that blends together our stories and experience with the collective cry of the people. Our goal is to make music that resonates with the times and provides hope and healing to those whose lives are often plagued with struggle. Our music is for the people.

Step Two: With music, media and stories to share we want to take this experience on the road. The vision is to create an interactive show that includes mixed media and invites the community in on the expression. A new way in having revival. In every place that we touch we not only want to share our art but also to engage the voices of the community that we are sharing with.

Step Three: A solution. Our ultimate goal is to acquire land and build a healing and education space for artist and activist and family. We want to create a home that can be a center for resource and rebirth. Creating curriculum and sharing in the creation of art. It is our mission to be the change we wish to see in the world and make that change accessible for others.

Your support as a Patron will get you exclusive access to behind the scenes footage, raw audio clips, stories behind the songs, early-bird access to our professionally recorded album, chats with the artists & more surprises! 

Show us some love as we set out on a creative adventure full of travel, magical experiences, music, & healing.


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