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About ParaDoxic TV

I'm a small YouTuber with big hopes for my channel. My channel (ParaDoxic TV) consists of reaction videos(TV Shows, movie trailers, clips, tv spots and any viewer requested videos) gaming videos(Let's Play's/otherwise) and movie reviews. I enjoy what I do on my channel with an immense passion, sharing my thoughts on various pop culture phenomenons and potentially creating a place for equally passionate viewers to come together and discuss their favourite characters, shows, movies etc. If you can't donate, then I more than happily accept any suggestions as to what to play/react to, or any TV Shows that would be good to react to, because it's the thought that counts!

I'm proud that I've managed to get my channel this far, and I'm determined to get it even further and share my videos and excitement about stuff with like-minded people!
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My main upgrade would go towards my setup in general. I will be adding foam padding to the walls to improve the quality of the mic audio, and getting lights as well as a new camera to improve the video quality.

In time other upgrades will be needed and made, but for now, these are the important improvements. And again, it all goes towards making sure I can provide content of good quality and consistency!
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