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 Tell the DJ what to play! Pick a song, any song (as  long as it isn't crud) and DJ Boss will buy it and pay during his show  giving you the credit or the blame! 

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Have DJ Boss Mix you up a custom ad for your guild or yourself. You can  even let people know you do commissions for art if that is your thing.  "Sponsored by" will also be added to the Auto DJ Golem and play  continuosly.

Plus you get entered into the raffle and all the lower reward benifits too! 




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About DJ Boss

Hi loyal listeners!

Let's be honest a moment, If you didn't care about the service that Paragon Broadcasting gives, you wouldn't be on this page.

Unfortunately, internet radio stations cost cash to keep going. Licensing, server fees and even the time that goes into selection songs and creating promos take a toll on the bottom line.

But all you great people can help! Even just $2 bucks a month, less than the cost of a gallon of gas, can help Paragon Broadcasting pay for its self and grow. Hey, you might even help us DJ Boss make this into a full time gig!

So whether you can pledge or not, I want to thank you for checking out our Patreon page.

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Make DJ Boss get in touch with his feminine side!

When we hit this mark, DJ Boss's daughters have promised to get him to drink a tonic to make him a girl for a month. - Dazzmeer (He totally won't notice we put this in here :3 )
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