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About Parcival Plays

Hello, hello, hello and welcome along to the Parcival Plays Patreon page. 

If you have made your way here it's likely you've already discovered my content, but if not head over to the site to check out my articles.

First off, thankyou for reading my articles, following me and coming to the Patreon.

Parcival Plays was born out of a series of discussions I had with a couple of friends in the Summer of 2018.  As part of a project we were involved in, we were talking about implementing a blog and I set to starting to write some articles.  Unfortunately one thing led to another and the blog never happened.

Not wanting to 'waste' the work I had done, I decided to start posting these on a new platform and Parcival Plays was born in August 2018.

My plan was simple - I enjoy playing Indie and early Access games and wanted to share my experiences of these.  My expectations were modest, thinking if I was lucky I would get 50-60 page views per month, but over the six months since the site went live I have had over 4000 views. 

These visitors, and feedback from some, have really encouraged me and the site has grown from an idea with a post once a week if I could do it, into a site with more cohesive branding, regular weekly and monthly features (see my posting schedule here) and in December I took the step of purchasing a domain.

Now to the reason I am here.  Over 2019 I want to keep developing the site, refining my style and bringing more content to you.

So how can you help me?

First and most importantly, read my articles.  Without readers, there really is no site.  Share them with your friends, family and colleagues.  Follow me on Twitter for reminders of new articles, or articles and games that have caught my attention.  Join the Discord server or even just drop a comment on the articles or fire me an email.  I'm always wanting to hear what people think of my content - is there something I can do better or something in particular you want to see, please let me know!

Of course, you may want to support me in another way which would be awesome!  Obviously running a gaming review outlet incurs various costs such as domain rental, web hosting and, of course, the games themselves.  By supporting me on Patreon (either at the $1 or $5 tier) you will be helping to guarantee the ongoing life of Parcival Plays.  Any money that you are kind enough to pledge to the site will be reinvested to help me develop the site, myself and continue to bring more and improved content.

Once again, thanks for the support you show simply by reading my posts and game on!

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