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Many thanks! Every tier has access to:

- Access to our private Discord channel, Perigee Haven (subject to rules; to join, search for the "discord" tag in my posts)

- Collective tarot reading (with custom  affirmations) every month (500+ words) corresponding with the New Moon  of each astrological season

- Exclusive announcements & deals on products & services 

- And more!

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26 | they / he | queer & nonbinary | crystal witch & cartomancer | disabled | cat & plant dad

Greetings & welcome to my Patreon page! The contents you find here may change from time to time, but the focus will always be the same: community-based, queer-centered divination & witchcraft.

I was raised Roman Catholic, but thought myself to be atheist until my freshman year of high school. I began perusing my local library's section on magic & paganism almost on a whim. I was as delighted as I was surprised to find a language that put me in touch with the Divine & myself in ways I'd never experienced before. I dabbled in crystal work, cartomancy, and a few other things for a short while. However, I would shelve my pursuit of spirituality for a period of several years, as I found limited support for my beliefs, particularly among the family I lived with.

Sometime around my senior year of college, I finally felt that I had the time & space to pursue my curiosity in witchcraft again. Since early 2016, I've been living with another solitary witch who has greatly enriched my practice & encouraged me to find my voice. Once again, my main focuses have been in crystals & cartomancy, particularly tarot. My familiar, a black tuxedo short-hair cat named Rio, who entered my life in August of 2015, has also been an amazingly positive influence on my life & craft.

My current Patreon tier system is the result of attempting to utilize a less hierarchical set of rewards. Access of information has been very important to me ever since I began to realize how closely it is often tied to class, which are systematically influenced by factors beyond our control such as race, gender, and disability. My hope is that by offering a majority of rewards to all tiers, it can act as a sliding scale for those who wish to access my work, but don't have large amounts of excess income. Additionally, I'd like to take a minute to express how much all my patrons mean to me! You might feel that "just" $1/month is not enough, but to me it means that you feel my work is valuable enough to personally support. Thank you so much!

My hope is that this page will serve as not just a mode of income, but as a way for me to connect with my supporters on a deeper level. As much as I have come to enjoy my somewhat solitary craft, I feel it is my duty to share that power with those who also seek it. Naturally, that means it must meet your needs just as well as it does mine. Feedback & general communication from patrons is always appreciated! Let's build something together, shall we?
If you have any questions about my Patreon or my practice, please feel free to contact me! If you are new here, I hope you decide to join us on this adventure. Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful day & thank you so much for your consideration!

Oh, you're still reading? Here's some more quick info!

When I'm not doing my witchy thing, you can catch me:
  • drawing (digital & traditional)
  • playing video/board games
  • caring for my plants
  • watching a variety of YouTube videos
  • enjoying anime or independent movies
  • slowly learning Japanese

Some lovely words from tarot customers:
"Oh my goodness, this is SO HELPFUL! [...] I so appreciate your encouragement to free myself from binary thinking about my career aspirations and leadership desires - you are so right. This is such a juicy, helpful reading, thank you so much!" July 2018

"This reading really hit the nail on the head with all of my questions. The crystal suggestions and affirmations left me feeling nourished and cared for. Just all around, a really wonderful experience."
September 2018

"Wow. This reading was incredible. First off, it was done within 24 hours which is impressive. Second, the amount of work that went into photographing and typing the reading is admirable. Third, their intuitive skills are clearly on point. The reading resonated completely, and yet the writing did not box me in to one set conclusion. It posed a lot of questions and offered a lot of guidance. SO happy with this reading, and I am excited to get more readings since I am now a Patron of theirs!" November 2018

"My one-card Reading definitely resonated with me. I love how personal experiences are used in order to connect to the person they’re reading for. I love the layout and just the right amount of insight is given. It’s great for figuring out the next step to take or something you’ve been neglecting. I am thankful. It’s lovely." November 2018

"I could tell a lot of care and positive energy went into my reading. I wouldn't hesitate purchase another one." March 2019

"Thank you for this beautiful reading & guidance! 🥰" June 2019
$6.32 of $100 per month
Once this goal is met, I will make PDFs of all my personal spreads available for download, including explanations on how to use them.

Current list of spreads that would be included:
- Divine Moon Emotional Support
- Garden Sprouts
- Transitions
- Relationship / Crush Check Up
- Manifestation Bloom
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