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FIGHT FUELER - WAR MEMORIAL REGISTRATION: You will be listed as an official FIGHT FUELER on DeagleNation.TV War Memorial and forever remembered as an Internet Veteran who Financially Gave their Life to protect our great nation!! (Metaphorically) All other REWARD PACKAGES include this!!
per mission, video series, or livestream
FIGHT FUELER RESTRICTED CARE PACKAGE - THE NOTORIOUS GAMER: Receive a variety of fairly Cool shoutouts on official livestreams!! These will be unpreidctable and subliminal, and will often surprise you. For example we might write your name (or alias if you prefer) on the box of Cheez-its that we eat from, and it may only show for a second... or I might name an NPC in a game after you, or give your name to a background character in Tiberius Rising. When you FUEL THE FIGHT in the FAST LANE, you never know what to expect next! Note that this is a LIFETIME reward meaning you will continue to get rare shoutouts for as long as you continue to donate this amount per item - keep your eyes peeled and see if you can find them all.

IMPORTANT: Please get in touch with me to Tell me which name or alias I should use, by E-Mailing me via Electronic Mail at [email protected] so I can add you to the list of NOTORIOUS GAMERS. You will need to include in the e-mail the name you donated under, as well as the donation amount, so I can verify it is actually you.

WARNING We will not feature shoutouts or aliases that are Blatantly Disrespectful to the Values of Deagle Nation.




per mission, video series, or livestream


Donating to DEAGLE NATION is strictly voluntary. Everything we make will always be free and DEAGLE NATION will never be Pay to Win like certain Online FPS games that I will not mention. *Coughs* Thanks one percent.

However we live in a cruel world set up by puppets like obama and "Crap Guys" from places like wall street. So unfortinutely we actually have to get money to do certain stuff. If you like what you've seen so far, and you want it to be even better, then this is for you. All donations will be used to rank up the quality of all our content and no dollar will be wasted!!

By donating, you’re not only funding freedom fighters to protect American values, you’re investing in your own personal entertainment! You give – and we give back!

We will be using your pledge to the cause in three main areas:

EQUIPMENT: We will use your pledge to acquire high-end, military-grade Loadouts. Right now we have camera equipment down pat but we still need audio equipment, green screens, and mobile lighting setups. Thank you so much for buying me a GoPro camera for filming parkour and sparring/Airsoft matches. Now we just need high quality tactical mics to increase the fidelity of our videos and streams! This will allow you to not only see areas of Deagle Nation you haven't ever seen before, but to witness them in stunning HD quality. With GoPro Helmet Cams and High-Fidelity Microphones, you'll feel like you're really there, with me in Atlanta ghettoes, starting the next race war LIVE!!! Your AMAZING donations have already bought us a GoPro HERO 3 with livestreaming capability ($300) This will be actually allowing us to livestream wirelessly with 4G, so we can walk around in public, with a mounted head-camera, and you get to watch it all in 1080p HD quality!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

MISSIONS: We need money to change the world. We have entire dossiers filled with confidential plans for future missions, but often lack the money to start them. For example, we might use your pledge to buy gas money for a Deagle Nation Road Trip to travel cross-country and meet the fans, or for plane tickets to travel on overseas counterterrorism and embedded journalism ops such as Operation Tupacalypse, Wu-pocalypse, or Operation Japanime. This also includes our R&D budget which is used to fund research into new areas, such as the cures for homosexuality. Our hypothetical idea is to purchase mice that appear homosexual and try to rehabilitate them in a safe environment and/or with various non-intrusive methods. And then we will also document the results for public consumption and post them on youtube.

MULTIMEDIA: Deagle Nation is all about media and entertainment. We have a diverse portolio to entertain you in as many different ways as freaking possible dude. Including me actually writing books for my digital extra or mde. So if u want me to write my spec ops life story as a book u can buy u should basically donate!! We run a Garry's Mod server with a custom RP/FPS/RPG multiplayer game which costs us about $30 a month. After that fee is paid, any remaining funds will go to misc. multimedia projects, like hiring actors from for our multimedia experts (CIADude420, John Pelech, Enig, VexGod, Jetstream John, Jackie Chin) to use in their videos, as well as items like a green screens for our political talk show, FACT ZONE, so it can look like I'm talking in a newsroom when I'm actually not talking in one at all, which is actually pretty spec ops if you think about it.

We will always make sure to stretch your dollar as far as we can! One of our lieutenants (Elijah) has Jewish relatives who seem pretty smart because they read books and shit all the time.So we will possibly attempt to get financial advice from them. Thank You

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