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About Derek and Amy Beth

Since 2016, Parks & Points has published guides to U.S. and international national parks and public lands, as well as personal essays that emphasize the essential role of public lands in protecting the natural world, and the cultural and historical legacies of those who have inhabited it. Our April poetry series similarly celebrates these elements, and has expanded our readership profoundly.

As many publications are in the current climate, we are asking for a little help to maintain and grow the site. We’d like to publish with greater frequency on a completely ad-free site, while continuing to pay our contributors to create exceptional work.

Whether you read the website on a daily basis, follow us on Twitter, or keep up with our annual poetry and nonfiction contests, a Patreon subscription supports the expansion of our publication calendar, and allow us to bring on contributors who can add new voices and perspectives to the site. We dream of featuring more voices from the field—rangers, naturalists, conservationists, and activists—as well as a diverse body of contributors—and of continuing to develop our travel guides to show how accessible public lands can be.

With groundswell support, we can continue to emphasize the issues that are critical to protecting and preserving public lands, as well as their culture, history, and beauty. Our travel guides offer readers methods for making the most of their time and resources, with budget sensitive ways to get to notable sites, and itineraries for making the most of one’s time while visiting. We believe that a satisfying itinerary will nurture a shared sense of ownership of these special places, deepening advocacy for public lands by making them accessible to all travelers, regardless of geography or finances. In addition to our poetry series and essay contest, also in the works are photography and audio contests.

We aim to evolve, improve, and expand, and as a Patreon contributor, you’ll have a front-row seat for everything that’s yet to come!

We've set up five tiers for Patreon contributors, each keyed to an amount it costs to enter a national park:

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As a Patreon, you will both support the site and enjoy a few interesting rewards, including Twitter and Facebook shout-outs, and opportunities to participate in exclusive live-chats and to request articles and blog post topics.

We have no credit card affiliate links on our site—we’re not in the business of selling you credit cards. Instead we want to foster a great community of people who enjoy national parks, writing, and budget travel tips. We hope you'll consider becoming a Patreon so we can keep Parks & Points running for years to come!
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