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About Partial Eclipse

Who We Are
We are a husband and wife team from opposite sides of America who found each other online. The wife has a professional education in art and particularly enjoys line work in pen, drawing cute characters, writing stories, creating comics, drawing monsters, and working with yarn. The husband is mostly self taught and enjoys drawing insects, carving wood, and telling stories of medieval fantasy and futuristic settings. We both share a love of nature and animals, particularly marine life and insects, science, and roleplaying experiences.

Statement from the Wife
Hello! I am the wife, my name is Gaelan and I sign my work as G.H. Creating art for me is usually something that comes in bursts. I often say that my work draws itself and I just help it along. I let the creativity flow when it arises and go with the current. My greatest hope is to make art that makes people’s day better which is my inspiration for the Bun Bun and Bee comic series. Despite that though I do have a passion for macabre monsters and all the joys of weird and kind of creepy things. I hope to share the whole package and both sides of the creepy and cute coin in my journey as an artist.

Statement from the husband
Hello! I am the husband, my name is Isaac and I’ll most often use my alias Wonderz ZX, with my metal hourglass signature on my work. When I think of what kind of artist I am I think I am more of a story teller. I have been telling myself fun and complex stories from as early as I can remember, although I rarely wrote any of them down. As I got older I found that I wanted to share my universe that I had created in my head over the last 20 years by finally bringing them to paper and comic style formats. Creating art in the form of stories to me is a kind of self expression, a way for me to explore who I really want to be, and test myself against ethical and philosophical problems. My art has been the best way for me to learn about myself. Besides making and telling stories I also enjoy carving wood to make small totems and relief pictures, drawing insects for fun, and practicing to improve my drawing skills.

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