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About Shaoling

Who am I?

My name is Stephen, I go by the internet alias Shaoling and I make videos about video games :D

I make these videos because I love video games.

We've all been burnt by bad purchases, and dishonest media, and as result I want to be able to inform consumers about what they'll be buying and whether or not certain games are worth buying at all.
I also make some other game related videos, tips, tricks and hopefully some other informative content.

By trade I'm at traditional acupuncturist and martial arts instructor, but I've studied 3D animation, and have also had experience working in the gaming industry doing QA.

I am however, not affiliated with any big game companies or publishers, and I always do my best to bring you the most honest impressions, and overview of games that I can.  

So this is why I'm on Patreon.

Up until now I've been putting the earnings from the channel towards buying the equipment, PC parts and software I use on a daily basis to create all of my content, and towards purchasing the titles I am unable to get review codes for. Actually most of it has been out of my pocket, but the supplemental channel income did help a little toward the getting some games to review.

However, Youtube has recently demonetized a large number of my videos. So the little I was able to put towards those things is a likely going to be thing of the past. And honestly I don't see things improving anytime soon, with YouTube increasing it's "censorship".

Whether or not any Particular (Pixels :)  ) videos I make will suddenly be marked with the non advertiser friendly tag is entirely up to that RNG bot, I mean the YouTube algorithm.

I've been very fortunate over the last 2 years be able to dedicate as much time as I have to the channel, partially because I've put other things on hold and also because of the amazing support I've gotten from my wife, but its getting to the point where I will need to get back to "normal" life in order to pay the bills.

What this means for the channel is that I will have less time to make content, and a much smaller capacity to purchase titles for review.

I really love making videos, and if it where up to me, I'd do this full time. Yes I enjoy it that much :)

So like many others, I've come to Patreon to ask you guys for your support, so that I can continue to spend as much time as I can making videos and covering video games.

By donating as little as 1 Dollar a month, which is more than the ad revenue I'd get from a bunch of views, you can help support the channel and ensure that I can spend more time making the videos that you guys enjoy! 

I understand that everyone is in a different financial situation, so do this only if you have the means to and are happy in doing so.

I want to emphasize that this is by no means required, but any and all support is appreciated beyond words!

What's in it for you?

I'm still working on the reward tiers for Patreon, but I have a number of things in mind. It's all a WIP.

1). Patreon only posts
2). Access to the channels discord chat
3). Access to discuss games with me on email
4). Patreon only streams
5). The ability to play together once or twice a month

I'll update this section as I work all of that out. And of course Patreon shoutouts at the end of my videos.

Thanks again for taking the time to read through all of this.

God bless, and thank you all!


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