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Shoutout will be given to all patreons that donate 5$ or more at the end of each stream.
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You get sponsor rank on discord (and access to staff channel if wanted).
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You get unbanned if your ban resulted from forfeiting or bm. If your ban was the result of smurf attempts, cheating or similar this option is unavailable.
Includes the 5$ reward but no others.




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About #PassionCraft


We are PassionCraft! A non-profit esports organisation doing StarCraft tournaments every week! We create content for the lower ranked players in StarCraft, as everything often revolves around the highest ranked players. In september we host a big tournament called "PassionCraft Starleague" which will contain 128 playerslots! The only rule is that you never reached the Grandmaster league (best league in StarCraft). This page will be used to support the prizepool in the PassionCraft Starleague! Thanks!

Join the league yourself at:

$5 of $100 per creation
Trying to reach a glorious 200€ for a very hype Season 6!

FoFoG has put in 50€ and is also going to DOUBLE any donations made to #PassionCraft.

Donate 10€ -> Prize pool increases by 20€!

Let's get those 200€!
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