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About me:

  • My name is Ash!
  • I'm non-binary.
  • I make video games.
  • I do bioinformatics research as my day job.
  • I'm working on a VN/rhythm game hybrid set in a future society on mars where everyone has horns?
  • I made a VR game called Peaks on the Manifold: State 0, as well the GOTY Award Winning jam game Be Drunk.
  • I hate negative people and just want everyone to love things.

I'm currently working on a VN/rhythm game/philosophy textbook/depression simulator hybrid featuring a unique 3D illustrated art style in UE4.

  • Arriving to the Mars Union as the first person to immigrate from Earth since its founding, [player_character] unexpectedly finds that they're.... in Cyber Hell??
  • Play an osu!-like minigame to push away Unwanted Thoughts and prevent them from overtaking healthy ones.

I want to explore things like:

  • How scientific culture is trash and a truly empirical worldview supports the gays, girls, minorities, radical empathy and positive mental health attitudes--everything the Scientific Institution loves.
  • Demonstrating a post-gender and post-capitalist society.
  • Expressing the experience of depression and OCD through game mechanics.
  • What to do with near-infinite computing power.

I was also working on a project called Peaks on the Manifold. It's a series of small, high quality VR scenes to sit and relax in. More than being pretty, each is a slice of a larger fictional universe and contains a narrative to discover. The scenes together have a larger meaning behind them... which you'll have to determine for yourself~  ;)

You can check out the first scene, State 0: The Place We Fell in Love, on!

I'm pausing development on these for a while until I a) have enough space again to do VR development and b) VR is more accessible. I hate people not being able to play my games and excluding people who can't afford to play them!

Your support will get you the inside scoop on my projects, access to my games, and/or put you in the credits! The biggest thing I'd like to do is hire a character designer and concept artist, which I definitely need some financial support for, and it would help the game a ton!

10% complete
This will cover the monthly cost of my Perforce server!
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