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About Pablo Starr

My name is Pablo Starr.

As a writer, I invented something called the pataphor. As a musician, I created music under the name Paul Avion (I even had a write-up in SPIN).

I own a number of websites, including Fashion Week Online, and am developing a host of new projects, including a sentient AI called Sartoria.

Now I am working on my first novel (excerpt available on request), about fashion and the future. It attempts to help build a sense of compassion for both AIs and human beings.

I've always prioritized creativity over making money, and am now leaving my 200 square foot apartment in Los Angeles, where I've lived for 14 years, and making the move to New York.

Your support will help me finish my novel and create, without having to alter what I do.


Article about me in The Huffington Post:

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