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You get the vote in "Patron's Choice", where you get to decide which game I should play on the channel. Every fourth game I play will be decided by Patrons who donate at least a dollar per month.
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Access to bonus videos, such as early looks at walkthroughs I'm preparing or blooper reels with some of my fails.

Plus previous tier reward.

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Thank you note at the end of each video.

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About patologTV

Hi there! My name is Marek "patolog" Dvořák and I'm creating game walkthroughs on YouTube. 

What makes my walkthroughs interesting ?

  • I create movie-like experience. I make sure that my movement and mouse motion is smooth to make the videos nice to watch. I also remove most of the HUD elements to increase the immersion.
  • I maintain a nice flow in the gameplay without unnecessary downtime. I prepare thouroughly for each episode, learn proper strategies for each situation, where all the items are and so on, to make sure I know what I'm doing at all times.
  • I show games in a great detail, focusing on interesting details in the environment, taking in nice vistas, listening to all conversations etc.
  • I achieve 100% completion. I pick up all collectibles and other important items. I complete all the side quests. In some games I also unlock all achievements.
  • I play games on the hardest difficulty settings (ignoring one-life difficulties.)

When does my content come out ?

I don't currently have a schedule for releasing my content, but I guarantee that I put my best effort into each video I make. I prefer quality over quantity.

What would your money actually pay for ?

To play and record newest games on the highest graphic settings, I need a powerful computer, which is quite expensive. Your money would help partially cover the cost.

What are your rewards ?

Every fourth game I'm going to play on the channel will be decided by Patrons, who support me with at least a dollar per month. I will provide 4 games to choose from, and Patrons will pick the game they want to watch the most. Also, people generous enough to support the channel with $5 dollars or more will get access to the exclusive content, like blooper reels, showing some of my fails, or previews of the upcoming walkthroughs. If you support the channel with $10 or more, your name will appear at the end of each video.

I plan to add more rewards later on.

Anything else ?

Thank you for checking out my Patreon page!


Marek "patolog" Dvořák
$153 of $400 per month
If we reach $400 a month, I will buy 4K monitor and upgrade my PC so I can record my walkthroughs in this resolution.
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