Patricia N. Coleman

is creating "Easy Keeper" - Del Barber's New Album!
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Signed Vinyl copy of "Easy Keeper"
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You'll have the vinyl to enjoy at home and the the digital download of "Easy Keeper" to enjoy on the road!  
You'll also receive the digital download of the "Del Barber Live at the West End" recording.
Shipping of vinyl included.
Roasting Chickens
per month
Yes... I was serious about raising chickens! Get your free range,  grain-fed, Del-raised roasting chicken! From our farm in Inglis, MB. For  food safety sake, residents within driving distance of Inglis only.  Delivery to Winnipeg possible.  
Comes with CD and digital download of "Easy Keeper."
Manitoba Cribbage Board
per month
 Handcrafted by Wild Craft Wood, a long-time friend with a shared  passion for crafting beautiful (and functional!) objects out of wood. A  crib board in the shape of Manitoba with Del Barber brand.  
Comes with CD and digital download of "Easy Keeper."
Shipping included.




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About Patricia N. Coleman

Hello Friends!
This project "Easy Keeper" has been a result of time away and big life changes. I've been taking some time to reflect, write good songs and make some wonderful lifestyle improvements! My wife Haylan and I have left the big city for the starry skies of the Manitoba Parkland. We bought an old farm, keep horses and chickens, we have the world's greatest dog, and this past March were blessed with our first child. That's right, I'm a dad! Welcome Guthrie Isabel Barber!
<figure> <figcaption>My Family</figcaption> </figure>
With all of these great changes have come dozens of new songs that I cannot wait to share with you.

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