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We started the Patrick Parson Workshop YouTube channel / show in the summer of 2015 as an aid / resource for people who aspire to create cool things. Our approach to DIY videos is a bit different: We take you step by step through a always creative and fun DIY (woodworking / make-ing) project and provide practical information, but we also spoof the DIY / maker culture and some of our fellow YouTube and TV DIY show contemporaries. Throw in a snarky but loveable puppet assistant and...there's the show!

We tackle projects of all sizes, from one day builds to larger multiple-week projects. We are often inspired by our fellow YouTube-ers and we love being a part of the brotherhood of folks who create and share information with the world.

Our show is, and always will be, FREE. By supporting the show, you help us pay for the supplies and costs associated with the projects, the workshop, the videos, and the website.

I sincerely appreciate your support - every pledge helps! In the future, I may set up a more sophisticated Patreon patrons reward structure, but for now, I will send each patron a Patrick Parson Workshop sticker and mention your name in one of our videos (if desired). Thanks again!


Patrick and Jimmy
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Once I reach $100 in total pledges, I will let my top three supporters (based on amount pledged) pick a project for us and give you a shout out in the video!
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