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Equipment and Web development:
As of now, for the purposes of research and development I'm utilizing a 720HD Motorola cell phone to its fullest capabilities and doing the best I can with it. I also use an SJCAM4000 action cam...

I would like to upgrade to better equipment such as higher definition cameras, optical and stable zooming for wildlife filming, HD drone coverage of the areas I'm located in, as well as raise the necessary money for further research, some food, website maintenance and costs...

Patreons and Pledges:
A pledging Patron will receive early pre-release "Camp Customization" Videos ad-free (other than watermarks) and I have a couple other video categories here such as: "Forest Gardening" and "Camp Cooking"...

Any help you can offer is very much appreciated and goes into further research and better quality video production. I have the ideas, just not so much the funds...

As you may or may not know, the current donation setup is a 'per creation charge.'  I had two options to receive donations through Patreon, those being: recurring monthly deductions from your account (deduction made on 1st of the month) and a paid-per-creation option...
So knowing this, the best way for me to accept donations here is to use the per creation charge.  Here is a link to Patreon's legal page if you'd like to look into things further...

My average video upload rate is 2-4 videos per month maximum.  I tell you this so you can take this into consideration as you make a pledge.

If you are a Patreon pledging $5 or more, have content within the same genre/niche, and interested, I will promote your website, blog, channel, etc. on my website (this is a site I am working on also, that is in the process of growth.)
Further promotion is available, please contact if interested and further bonuses will derive as we grow with Patreon.

Comments and Discussion:
By all means, tell me what you would like to see more of as a pledging Patreon here at Patrick's Bushcraft and Outdoor Research, or simply talk about subject matter in the comments section. Your opinion and input is important to me...feel free to drop me an email, or comment.

I hope you gain in knowledge and find some enjoyment in my content and thank you to all.

Even if you don't make a donation, the love goes out and I'll still be uploading public content to my youtube channel...

5% complete
I'd like to upgrade my equipment to bring you better sound quality, better stability, zooming in on nature/wildlife, higher definition cameras and HD professional drone camera footage and some food costs. I would like to produce more videos on my Forest Gardening Knowledge, Camp Cooking and Camp Customizing as well as discuss these topics with you in the comments...
Content you can expect to see as a Pledging Patreon member: Gardening in the Forest (growth and development,) Cheap and Easy Camp Cooking, and early pre-release "Campsite Customization Videos" ad free (other than watermarks)...

Right now I'm at about 2-4 uploads here at Patreon per month. The more support I receive, the harder I'm going to work to bring you quality and informative content. Thank you for your pledge,

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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