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About Patrikeyevna

About me
Hi, I'm amateur 2D artist that got interested in creating 3D characters. In VRChat you can "cosplay" characters that you like so this got my interest. For now I'm making characters from Katawa Shoujo visual novel because I really like the novel.

Why your support is important:
I can devote more time to creating avatars by cutting it of my regular job.
Knowing that some people care about what I do helps me to prevent procrastination(well to some degree).

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Posts will go public after 3 days.

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I will post a link to the room at the beginning of the month. Avatars will be updated as the progress go.

  • Vote in the poll to select next character to make.
The poll will be held from the beginning of the month to the end. Results of the poll will be cumulative through several months if I didn't manage to start a new character in the next month.

  • Your name on the board of fame in the room.
You need to be Tsar tier patron once to get this.

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I will make celebration picture with Katawa Shoujo characters.
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