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About Gianluca Massera

Hello visitor and potential patrons of this project,
let's see if amongst all questions you have in mind for me there are these:

Who are you ?
I'm a computer programmer. I build website, mobile application and cloud infrastructures

Uhm, What are you doing here ?
I know ... I know, I'm not an artist ... but I'm still a creator and I have in mind an idea that could help the community revolving around Patreon. So, why not try to found my idea on Patreon ?

What is your idea ?
Build a dedicated website for help creators to manage their content to share and send to their patrons.

Do you think is a good idea ?
If it's a good idea or not depends if it will help creators in managing their patrons. If it will solve a problem that many creators struggle with, then it's a good idea.

How can you know if creators need it ?
Patreon will help me to answer this question. Pledge me anything even 1$ if you think that my idea worth to be built, and we can see if it's a good idea. More people pledging more sure I'll be that's a good idea.

Ok, but what is your idea in details ?
First, thank you that you read till so far :-)

I talked with one of my friend that's a creator on Patreon and she found difficult to send material to her patrons. So, I came up with a website that may help her ... but also other creators.

The website will have two "side": one for creators and one for patrons.
Everyone will login using their Patreon credentials, no extra registration or sign in.

What the creators will do:
- they will see all their patrons in a similar way Patreon Manager already does
- they will be able to upload their creations on the website and store them there
- they will set who can access to a specific creation and on which month

Let's make an example: as a creator, you made 5 new pages of your comics and 1 special edition wallpaper. Then, you upload these material to the website and you select that the 5 pages are accessible to tier 1 patrons and the special edition wallpaper to tier 2 patrons, and you schedule then for July.

Ok, and now ???

Now, there is the patrons side.

As creator, you post an update on your page saying new material is ready, and you direct your patrons to the website.

Your patrons will login to the website (using their Patreon credentials) and they will see the new content depending on the tier they are pledging for.
They will be able to see it or they will be able to download if they want.

So, it will work as a download center for patrons.

The website will keep track of which months a patron pledged for and which tier and automatically, it will show to the patron exactly (and only) the content is entitled for.
It will also allow to have a history of all content for the patron. In this way, a patron will have the possibility to download (or view) again an old content for which he/she paid for.

Sounds a good idea ?
If you will answer yes, then please pledge me 1$ to let me know I should pursue this idea.

What are the perks ?
It's too early to talk about perks. My first goal is to understand if it's something people need.
After that, I'll start doing a first prototype. Only after the release of my first prototype, I'll have enough information to set up perks.

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At least ten people support my idea. It's time for me to start building a prototype.
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