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is creating Awareness, Research & Medicine for Autoimmune Disease.
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PSC Warriors support my research on PSC, a rare autoimmune disease of the liver (Research strategy: bit.ly/FMTxPSC). In return for their support warriors are granted access to medicine (FMT material) and protocols as early as desired and at production cost.




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About Davide Patti - pattibiomed ltd

I am on Patreon because independent research is the only way there is to solve my health issues and help others with theirs.

A third to half of us develop at least one chronic and incurable disease in our life. This means the current drug centered medicine has failed, we need and I propose a science centered medicine.

I have a small profitable business with www.kefirkaufen.ch and I do some consulting through www.pattibiomed.com which I will keep doing, these take up ca 25% of my time and cover my basic needs.

I require donations so I can carry on with my cause. My research involves medical testing, equipment and a lot of time, it is bootstrapped so expenses are contained. The more money the better, this vision does not have limits, I would like to bring on board more scientists as soon as possible.
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1500 USD per month will allow us to cover all expenses for the first research goal: bit.ly/FMTxPSC
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