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Welcome to the Official Patreon Page of Pat Fraser aka PATMAN. I'm what you would call an artistpreneur. As an artistic entrepreneur with a strong focus in digital content creation, I put out content that is not only creative but entertaining and thought-provoking. If you would like to read more about me, you can read my bio.

I have a blog called The Patcavewhich is a combination of an online marketing tool dedicated to promoting my brand of entertainment. What is my brand of entertainment? Music, videos (vlogs) and blogs. Content that is not only entertaining but intellectually honest, counter-culturing and thought-provocative. 

Whether it's to question the status quo and conventional wisdom, get various ideas out, or display my artistry, one thing's for certain; I know that I have an untapped artistry that will leave a serious mark on today's world, changing it for the better. With your help, it will be easier for me to do this.


I am also the Founder/CEO of PATV Media, where I oversee the business’s overall performance, from building strategic relationships with brands, entrepreneurs and small businesses to ensuring clients maximize ROI. PATV Media is an online resource to give independent brands, small business owners, indie music artists, graphic designers, startup companies and other independent businesses access to the tools needed to successfully self-promote their own projects and ideas.

My primary drive is to help businesses develop winning online marketing strategies, increase brand recognition and business growth through an unorthodox mixture of art, media, business intelligence and blogging.


In conclusion if you're a fan of my work and want me to continue to provide high quality content, then your donations will be greatly appreciated. In order to maintain the quality of my content, I need the right equipment and resources, which comes at a cost. Maintaining a consistent frequency and output of content comes at a cost as well. Donating will not only help my business grow, but it will provide me the means to deliver great work for you to enjoy.

Outside of Patreon, another way to donate is through PayPal. You may make a one-time (or more) donation by clicking this link:

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I'm a songwriter/recording artist who needs the funding necessary to record an album. If you've listened to my music before and have become a fan, then please stick around and read the rest. Here's what needs to be accomplished in order for me to put together the best album ever...

As an artist, your goal should be to create a masterpiece. As a musician, this means a classic album. I released an album back in 2013 called "Powerful Artistic Truth, Misunderstood or America's Nightmare " (aka "P.A.T.M.A.N.") and it received great reviews and acknowledgement for being a great album. I plan on working on another project along those lines.

My ambitions for this album is really high and they're high because I plan for this to be a DOUBLE ALBUM (possibly one album). Yes, a double album, two discs, 10 - 12 tracks each, 20 - 24 tracks total. Between production costs, recording costs, mixing and mastering, copyrights and marketing costs, this will be a hard goal to attain without some help.

It will be $100 per track to record, so that's $2,400 total for that. Mixing and mastering will cost anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000. Production costs will be $2,000 and the rest will go to the copyright and marketing and promotions of the album. I will need $10,000 total to not only make this project come into fruition, but make it the masterpiece that it deserves to be.

If you haven't listened to my music yet, click here and listen.

If you like what you hear and want to get behind this project, then please do donate. Any amount would be greatly appreciated!
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